About Us

About Us
The designers of Printfree.com are a very small two person operation. 
The whole idea behind Printfree.com is for visitors to be able to "print free" 
some common useful items they would normally have to pay for, not to 
mention make an inconvenient trip to a store to purchase. 
Printfree.com the domain was secured early in 1999 with this sole intended
purpose and is now finally available to internet users around the world. 

We hope your visit to Printfree.com is a pleasant experience
and that you find Printfree.com a useful tool.
If you like Printfree.com please don't keep it a secret. 
Our entire success depends on attracting many visitors
through the attraction of the usefulness of the site.

Thank You for visiting and have a good day!

For the press and media
Our first Press Release -- Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Our second Press Release - Tuesday, March 6, 2007 
Our third Press Release - Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 

Printfree.com is a very small business, we have no day to day news or press releases.
Should you be interested in letting your audience know about us, we will be happy to
assist you in any way we can and answer any questions. Please contact us through
our feedback page for more information.

Printfree.com is owned and published by:

P.O.Box 825
Landenberg, Pa. 19350
402 Penn Green Rd.
Landenberg, Pa. 19350
(610) 274-3223

President: Kenneth J. Huddleston
Editor: Kenneth J. Huddleston
Assistant Editor: Sandra L. Huddleston

Model appearances: Casey M. Huddleston (Our Son)
Mindy, Max, & Missy Huddleston (Our dogs)
and Johnny D. Bird

Please contact us through our feedback page.
We rarely have time to review postal mail.

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