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 Printable Customizable Calendars from
Add your own text to these before you print.  You can organize meetings, appointments,
vacations, events, deadlines and more for very little cost.
These can be customized with your own text and printed directly from
Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. They can also be copied and pasted into
word or docs for future editing and full customization.
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Our Customizable Calendars for 2015 No Download Required!
Chrome users only! Important!!! Please use "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "P" to print items properly when using the Chrome web browser!
This means hold down the Ctrl button and the Shift button, then
tap the letter "P" on your keyboard.

Add text to your calendar before you print it !
*You will need Internet Explorer to use our Customizable Items.
Monthly  Vertical
Weekly & Monthly
These resemble our
vertical  html calendars.  
Detailed instructions
(To print HTML items
properly,  your text
size must be set for
medium. This is the
default setting under
the view menu on
later versions of
Internet Explorer.
This sizes it properly
for one page.)
Tips on Printing 
Read this to
keep extra items 
such as  the time,
date, site url, from
printing on the page.
Printer settings,
and more. 
Printing a Big Calendar
Here is one way to
make  it into poster size
at a low  cost.
Plain Vertical HTML
just like our
customizable ones are
also available. 

What's New?
Regular users will notice
some minor changes.
None of these affect the
page layout or use.
You'll notice more
detailed  instructions on
each page.
You'll also notice that we
have posted a list of
common  holidays and
dates for each
month, rather than making
preset holiday entries.
This should make it
easier  since most
people don't
celebrate all of the same
holidays  we include,
and many  businesses
close on days  other than
the actual holiday.
These have 254 fields.
Approximately 250k.
They are not plug-ins
They are simple forms.
These have a lot of
room  for text. To
minimize  error
anytime you delete
text  in a box, if  you
are going  to leave it 
blank, do so by adding
a  blank space with
your spacebar, in place
of the removed text.
Jan 2015
Feb 2015
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
May 2015
Jun 2015
Jul 2015
Aug 2015
Sep 2015
Oct 2015
Nov 2015 
Dec 2015
Jan 2016
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Mar 2016
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May 2016
Jun 2016
Weekly Planner
All Purpose format
This will work good for a 
Daily or Weekly Planner
Available with Lines or 
without lines 
Monthly Planners
These have larger text 
and will accept longer
words than the others.

Jan 2015
Feb 2015
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
May 2015
Jun 2015
Jul 2015
Aug 2015
Sep 2015
Oct 2015
Nov 2015
Dec 2015
 Horizontal Customizable Calendar 4 month overview html Calendar
Calendar - 2015 for quick reference

To print a single image, right click it, then click print picture.
These have a little bit
more space for some
extra text and resemble
the familiar horizontal
wall format.
Please note that these
require an additional
step for printing. You
will have to adjust your
page set up to print in
the landscape mode.
Otherwise, they work
the same.

Jan 2015
Feb 2015
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
May 2015
Jun 2015
Jul 2015
Aug 2015
Sep 2015
Oct 2015
Nov 2015 
Dec 2015
4 month overview
customizable calendars.
These calendars have
a large size current
month that allows for
text to be added,
as well as three
smaller months, last
month and the next
two months ahead.
Also available in
print only html                                

Jan 2015
Feb 2015
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
May 2015
Jun 2015
Jul 2015
Aug 2015
Sep 2015
Oct 2015
Nov 2015 
Dec 2015 


Calendar tips
See tips on printing for more information. Our printable calendars will be updated periodically. Yes you may 
use them for work or business so long as you keep our name on them. Though we try hard to proof read 
our work, we make no claims to total accuracy. If you should happen to find a mistake, 
please let us know about it through our feedback page.
This site is provided free for our visitors to use.  Thank you for visiting !
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