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Note: Use the print commands at the top of the screen to print everything on your finished page.
Print Preview is very helpful in removing headers and footers in modern browsers.
Internet Explorer and Google Chrome work very well at Printfree.com. Thanks for visiting!

This form will make a simple calendar with your added text, in a printable format much like our plain printable calendars.
Simply enter text in the desired fields (boxes) below. The first 2 fields (wcc001 & wcc002) will accept characters shown,
Dates are 1-3 characters, text lines are 1-90 characters.  Click make my calendar when finished to make the field boxes
and labels disappear. Then just print the finished calendar by using your browser print commands.
In a very few cases the output of this calendar does not print the calendar portion (Dates, etc...) If this is your first time here, 
or if you use a computer that is behind a secure firewall, or uses an operating system other than windows 95 or newer, or if you have 
a printer with a really fancy program installed, you may want to test print the finished calendar one time. Just to make sure you don't 
have this problem before you waste a lot of time filling out all the fields, just click make my calendar to display the output page, then 
use your browser commands to print a copy. Use back to return. Older web browser versions may wish to test as well.
Please remember this is not a secure page and your entries could be viewed by someone.
Very Important! When using all CAPITAL LETTERS. It will be necessary to use one third less characters.
Some capital letters are very large, and may cause your finished calendar to look and print poorly.
We recommend you use capital letters sparingly for best results.



Title (Up to 40 characters)
For the Week of (Up to 60 Characters)

Sunday        wcc003 (Enter Numerical Date, to replace blank space if desired) (1 or 2 characters only)
wcc004 (up to 90 characters per box)
wcc005 (60 or less CAPITAL LETTERS)
Monday       wcc007 (Enter Numerical Date)
Tuesday      wcc011 (Enter Numerical Date)
Wednesday wcc015 (Enter Numerical Date)
Thursday     wcc019 (Enter Numerical Date)
Friday          wcc023 (Enter Numerical Date)
Saturday      wcc027 (Enter Numerical Date)


**All fields require at least 1 character. By default all fields begin with a blank space. Untouched fields require no action on your part.
  However, if you make an entry and decide to clear that entry, you must put the blank space back in. Just use your space bar.
  If you receive an error message, refer to the above field labels, and correct the one with the error.